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A man sleeps soundly under the comfort of a weighted blanket.

You Deserve a Good Night’s Rest

We all deserve to feel well-rested each morning, but unfortunately for many people, that is not guaranteed. If you find yourself in this situation, let Whitney Sleep Center help.

Our sleep studies in Maple Grove include home sleep testing, physician consultations, overnight sleep studies, multi sleep latency tests and more. Through pattern tracking and data-driven insights, we will work to identify what is keeping you awake and offer tailored solutions to help.

The search is over for the best sleep specialist in Maple Grove. Reach out today to begin your consultation.

Your Maple Grove Sleep Specialist

Left untreated, sleep disorders can lead to a whole host of problems, including heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. Our Maple Grove team will help you determine what’s interrupting your sleep and provide in-depth treatment.

Our one-of-a-kind sleep center places patients’ needs first. We value your safety and comfort, and our tests exceed the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s accreditation criteria. In other words, we are the number one source for anyone who needs a sleep specialist in Maple Grove.

Improve your sleep and overall health today. Connect with our Maple Grove office and let us see how we can help.