There are many accessories available to help make CPAP and Bi-Level a more comfortable, convenient and effective experience.  These items include things like chin straps, tube insulating wraps and power accessories.  Below are a few items Whitney Sleep Center typically carries.  If there are items you are interested in that are not listed please contact us to discuss.



Carefusion Puresom Ruby Adjustable ChinstrapCarefusionRuby

The very first chin strap specifically designed to meet the needs of the Sleep Diagnostic and Home Therapy practitioner as well as the patient. Topaz adjusts both at the crown of the head and the base of the neck. Topaz offers a custom fit and hassle-free means for applying and removing the chin strap. Easy to use, secure and comfortable, Topaz is a top choice for patients, sleep labs and homecare companies alike.



Carefusion Puresome Blue Single ChinstrapCarefusionBlue

This blue, breathe-o-prene fabric chinstrap is an adjustable, single strap.  This is one of the lightest, most minimal materials chin straps on the market.




6 feet tubing6 feet tubing






2 feet tubing: used to connect stand alone heated humidifiers2 feet tubing




Other various length tubing available upon request






Dc and battery cable adapter cords available for various cpap systemsDc and battery cableDc and battery cable2Dc and battery cable31







Replacement parts and pieces available for cpap masks, most pieces are in stock otherwise all pieces can be ordered.


Filters available for all CPAP and BiPAP machines, most in stock otherwise all filters can be ordered.


Replacements humidifier chambers available for most humidifiers.


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